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The Problem

Equipment fails. Across all industries, there is not a single asset exempt from this rule. From this failure point, entire operations are forced to react and adapt to these newfound problems. Production is lost, as are time and resources.

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The Solution

Don’t react—become proactive. Otto, our smart monitoring system, is among the first of its kind and offers unmatched data reading features. Use it to check asset performance, flag potential issues, and stop breakdowns from ever happening.



Manage your assets on an unparalleled level. Have the ability to simultaneously monitor the responsibilities required of you while devoting time to the things that are of the most importance.


About Us

Tako is a California-based group of innovators focused on bringing production environments a much-needed resource: time. We were tired of the unknowns of our days ruling our lives, and we figured that others were as well, so we decided to do something about it.

Now, we’re proud to say that we have found a solution. We still can’t make more time, but we can help manage it in a way previously unattainable. We provide smart monitoring capabilities that are unmatched in quality, capability, and versatility, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world you happen to be.

A phrase we try to live by is “do what matters most.” When you have the ability to manage your day a little more proactive, the ability to do just that tends to follow. We’d love to help provide that.


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