The Idea:

Create a product that can take the guesswork out of production environments. Life seems to go smoother when we can anticipate the problems coming our way, so we’ve done just that. Using all three of the features below, our products act as a “check engine” light for your most important assets, letting you know exactly how the most important facets of your production are performing at a glance.

It works pretty simply—hook up Otto and the appropriate sensors to the asset you’d like monitored, set your measurement parameters, and begin receiving data on your computer and/or smartphone almost immediately. Use it to receive alerts in real-time via email and/or text message, or simply utilize the system as an unmatched form of monitoring.

At Tako, a phrase we try to live by is do what matters most. When you can manage your day a little more proactively, the ability to do just that tends to follow. Below is our key to being able to do what matters most to us—take a look through and see if we can help do the same for you.



The Products



Otto is a sensor module designed to interface with hundreds of different kinds of sensors to measure the overall health of your most important assets. It collects data from up to seven sensors simultaneously, then transmits that data wirelessly to your user interface for immediate readability and alerts. It does a lot of other things too, but you’re going to have to click the link to find out more (don’t worry, it’s not like clickbait or anything. We’d give you the good gossip up front).


Sensor Sourcing

The kinds of sensors that Otto can interface with are near-limitless. However, not all sensors are built to the same standard. Because of this, we source the best possible sensors for your operation’s particular needs. Each approved sensor has been tested and works in tandem with Otto, and has proven itself to be a sensor that meets our build quality standards. For information on what kinds of sensors we have approved, what we are currently testing, and what we’re researching, click below to find out.


User Interface

Here’s how we actually read the information that Otto and its sensors are sending. The UI is designed to display real-time data on your monitored assets. From it, you and your team can log in to see the assets you manage, as well as receive real-time alerts when something starts to go wrong. For a tour of the UI, examples and use cases, and more information on its structure, click below.